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Since 2005, the annual Key Metrics Report has been a primary source of published benchmark data, describing practice performance for optometric businesses in the United States.

ECPU is now partnering with GPN Technologies to re-imagine these industry-leading reports. Data has been pulled from more than 2000 practice locations over multiple years, and carefully standardized to provide ECPs with a reliable source of accurate information about industry performance.

About This Edition

Capture Rate and Average Revenue Per Patient are two of the top revenue drivers in practice analytics. The 2019 Limited Edition MBA Key Metrics Report explores industry performance in these two metrics over a three-year period and how changes in these core benchmarks affect the state of the industry.

The KPIs introduced in this report will serve as a foundation for understanding the broader set of metrics to be included in the upcoming 2020 report.

What’s Coming Up in 2021 

As complex data becomes more accessible, our understanding of industry performance is expanding. We can evaluate benchmarks and trends over multiple years, and plan even more competitively. 

The forthcoming 2020 MBA Report, to be released in March 2021, will take a deep dive into some of the most critical KPIs in eye care, while providing insights and actionable recommendations for promoting business growth in your practice.


Deep-dive analysis on core performance metrics


Regional and national trends


Professional services, optical services, and contact lenses


Managed Care Plans


Helpful instruction on making improvements

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