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Planning Your Exit Strategy

Are you thinking about retiring or moving on to the next phase of your career? Or maybe you'd like to step away from management and focus on patient care. In this video series, we're looking at these questions from all angles. Hosted by Dr. Scott Jens, these frank...


Optical Staff Evaluation – Your KPIs in Action

Using your Key Performance Indicators for Staff Evaluation Your KPIs represent more than the health of your practice. They also represent the functional success of your staff. It’s great if you “feel good about” or make a good connection with your team – critical,...


The One Thing That Can Change Your Practice Forever

Data impacts your practice, whether you use it or not. Business – and the way we conduct it – has been changing dramatically over the past few decades. If you came into private practice in 1980, you’ve witnessed the transition from paper records to EHR, the dawn of...