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The OD Podcast Series

“Think Again”

Dr. Scott Jens is helping practitioners rethink their assumptions on critical decisions that can have long-lasting effects on their practice and business health.

Hosted by: Scott Jens OD, FAAO

Latest Episode

By Evan Kestenbaum, MBA

Evan Kestenbaum, COO & Co-Founder of GPN Technologies joins Dr. Jens for an eye-opening conversation about what data points are most critical for practices, and how data can help take the emotion out of important business decisions.

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About Think Again

In this podcast series, Dr. Scott Jens is exploring current topics with special guests from all aspects of the eye care industry. He’s looking for that “inside knowledge” on how things really work that comes from personal experience or special expertise, to help listeners “think again” about their business management choices – before they make them.

Things change really fast, sometimes – especially in our current business environment. It’s more important than ever to look for outside inputs on what people are experiencing, and find out what’s worked for them. These candid conversations will help you as you think about your own professional decisions, and shed some new light on traditional thinking.

Scott Jens OD, FAAO

Scott Jens OD, FAAO

Executive Business Coach & Industry Consultant

Meet The Host

Scott Jens OD, FAAO

Executive Business Coach & Industry Consultant

Scott Jens is a serial entrepreneur whose career started as a Doctor of Optometry as a co-owner of a multi-doctor multi-location eye clinic group in Madison, WI, where he practiced eye care for twenty-five years. He served the eye care profession as a state and national volunteer leader, and also became an expert in medical records.

In 2006 he co-founded RevolutionEHR, the eye care industry’s first (and ultimately, leading) SaaS electronic health record system, and served as CEO through the company’s transition into the full-service strategy, Rev360, until retirement in 2018.

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