NEXT STEPS: A weekly, practical roadmap for getting back to business.

by | Aug 11, 2020

COVID-19 has been one of those events that “change everything.” GPN Technologies began focusing, almost immediately, on how to help practitioners grapple with the challenges and realities of practicing under drastically different circumstances.

Our “NEXT STEPS” series, hosted by Scott Jens, is a series of frank discussions about how ODs from around the country dealt with new requirements and obstacles to patient care.

Session 1: Preparing For Tomorrow, April 16, 2020
Scott Jens, OD
Lorie Lippiatt, OD
You need practical answers – real help and advice from other ODs and ECPs who are actually in the field, dealing with the same challenges you are. It’s important to “think positive,” but this is not the time for feel-good cheer leading. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and think smart.

Session 1: Resource Guide

Develop your action plan for re-opening your practice.

Session 2: Ready, Set Re-Open, April 21, 2020
Scott Jens, OD
Lorie Lippiatt, OD
Things are different now. When you return to practice in your eye care clinic, you will need to handle new priorities and guidelines in your scheduling and staffing. You can meet the challenge of delivering full scope primary eye care services, but you will need to be thoughtful and well-prepared to do it well.

Session 2: Schedule Templates

Scheduling templates and guidelines. Important questions to consider, and navigating complex patient flow considerations under social distancing.

Session 3: Digging Out – Financially recovering from COVID-19 – April 24, 2020
Scott Jens, OD
Mick Kling, OD
Dr. Mick Kling discusses the dos and don’t for financial recovery from COVID-19: “In order to fully recover, it’s critical that we create an effective financial recovery strategy that includes determining our working capital, our cash burn rate, and develop a 90-day recovery budget to ensure a full financial recovery.”

Session 4: Practice Culture Shift – April 28, 2020
Scott Jens, OD
Lorie Lippiatt, OD
Biran Kane, OD
Walter Choate, OD
Jennifer Stewart, OD
Join Dr. Scott Jens as he chats with this special guest panel about how they’re preparing staff to see patients safely when they resume routine care and re-open.

Session 4: Safety Guidelines for Re-Opening

Detailed help for handling patient communications and interactions, during phone triage, in the optical, and elsewhere.

Session 5: Dispensing Amidst Social Distancing – May 5, 2020
Scott Jens, OD
Larry Golson, OD
Mark Hinton
Susan Keene, OD
It’s our professional challenge to serve our patients well while keeping them – and our staff – safe. Watch three industry pros discuss how they’re handling their dispensaries while observing social distancing guidelines.

Session 5: Checklist Template for Re-Opening

Safety policies, appointment procedures, and disinfection routines. These templates will help you create appropriate social distancing practices in your office and dispensary.

Session 6: The Reality of Re-Opening – May 22, 2020
Scott Jens, OD
Lorie Lippiatt, OD

As practices begin to reopen for routine care, they’re facing unique – and sometimes unsettling – challenges, with staff, with patient communications, and even just with being exhausted. Join our frank discussion about the obstacles an early-open practice is facing, and how they’re solving problems in real time

By Scott Jens, OD, FAAO

Industry leader and EHR genius at work.


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