Daniel Rostenne, CEO of eyecarepro

by Ryan Gustus, OD

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Turning your passion into a business

We sat down to chat with Dr. Jennifer Stewart about how she’s built a business model around one of her great passions – sports and athletics. She shared her insights into juggling the challenges and reaping the rewards of building a niche business in the midst of raising a family and seeing patients in her busy 4-partner practice.

Jennifer Stewart, OD


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What to Do When Your Patient Volume is Down

What to Do When Your Patient Volume is Down

From time to time, I’ll have a call that goes something like this: “Help!  My revenues are down, and I don’t know why!” If this happens to you, it’s useful to remember that your collected gross revenue is a function of three variables, which we could express in a...

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Cash Flow & EBITDA Video Series

Building Your Business For Profit

Join two of the industry’s best cash experts as they walk you through a simplified P&L and teach you how to properly calculate your practice EBITDA.

Daniel Rostenne, CEO of eyecarepro

Hosted by Jay Binkowitz

EVP Professional Relations, KEPLR

Social Media Marketing Video Series

New Patient Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Eye Care Practice

Join eyecarepro’s CEO, Daniel Rostenne, for an eye-opening overview of marketing essentials for your eye care business. Whether you’re a DIY marketer, completely outsourced to a marketing service, or somewhere in between, this five part video series is relevant to you and your practice.

Daniel Rostenne, CEO of eyecarepro

by Daniel Rostenne

CEO, eyecarepro


Maximizing Practice Performance with Cross-Training

Maximizing Practice Performance with Cross-Training

It should be every business manager’s goal to maximize the return on investments. It’s obviously important to control expenses and ensure that you’re getting good value from expenditures. There’s often a question about whether investments in staff development are...

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How to Use Facebook to Increase Online Referrals

How to Use Facebook to Increase Online Referrals

Facebook has maintained its top spot amongst social media channels, particularly among people ages mid-thirties to early sixties in the United States. Facebook is designed to encourage people to connect with the people they know in their “real” lives – friends,...

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