Building Your Business for Profit

A step-by-step guide to understanding and improving your cash flow

With Jay Binkowitz, Mick Kling OD, Ron Meeker OD and Patti Warren ABOC

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About This Series

Your cash flow is the heart of your practice profitability, yet many business owners do not fully understand the relationship between their P&L statements, cash flow, and long-term equity. In most cases, this leads to lost revenue, missed opportunities, and a less profitable practice.

This video series will teach you a simple, easy-to-understand method for reviewing your cash flow to ensure profitability.

Join two of the industry’s best cash experts as they walk you through a simplified P&L and teach you how to properly calculate your practice EBITDA.

Our step-by-step action plan will help you bring these important concepts into the day-to-day reality of your practice so you can start building wealth and equity in your business.

You will learn:


How to simplify and understand your P&L


What EBITDA is and why it's important to the industry


How to handle addbacks and adjustments


How to calculate EBITDA for your business


How to improve your cash flow in 5 key areas

Included in this Series


Action plan for improving cash flow in 5 key areas


Profit & Loss statement template


Free access to EDGEPro to track and manage revenue