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Building Your Business for Profit

This video series will teach you a simple, easy-to-understand method for reviewing your cash flow to ensure profitability.

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Planning for Success in 2021

With growing demands from third parties, decreasing reimbursements, and an increasingly competitive marketplace, smart planning has never been more important.

Frame Board Profitability Series

Join the EDGEPro team for a deep dive into understanding and stocking your frame inventory, including a “best practices” episode for setting up your frames in your PMS.

How to Use Content to Create a Powerful Optometry Website

Join the content professionals at eyecarepro for an easy-to-understand overview of how to create and implement powerful, effective content on your optometry website.

Planning Your Exit Strategy

These frank discussions with industry professionals will help you understand the many pathways to “exit” and the pros and cons of each one.

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Dave Brown, CEO at IDOC Interview

Learn about Dave’s efforts to develop a leadership mentality through a trusting, listening approach, as well as his use of mindfulness to become the best leader he can be.

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2021 Contributing Partners